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Adoption is a wonderful and accepted way to form and expand families. Making the decision to pursue adoption is a life changing one. It is a path that will affect you and your family in profound ways. As with any major life decision, it is a journey best taken with eyes wide open, and after careful consideration of your readiness, motivation, and ability to commit whole-heartedly to the path ahead. Training, especially for adoptive parents of special needs children, is essential. Children are matched for adoption with families who are trained and approved by Children's Services.

Some of the children who are no longer able to live with their biological families and are therefore in the permanent care of Children's Services are ready to be adopted. These children all have special needs. The needs include being part of a sibling group that needs to stay together, children who are between eight and eighteen years of age and children who have medical, physical, developmental, learning or emotional problems.

Visit http://humanservices.alberta.ca/adoption.html for more information on adoption in Alberta.

For more information on Government adoptions, please call Shannon at 403-527-1588 ext. 226.

If government adoption isn't for you, private agencies in alberta include:

Open your heart, open your home to a child in need!