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The McMan Foster Recruitment Program is responsible for the recruitment and training of foster parents for Children's Services in Medicine Hat, Brooks and surrounding area. Once a person becomes an approved foster parent, they then become supported and financially compensated by Children's Services.

Foster care is providing temporary family-based care for children who, for their own safety and well-being, cannot stay in their own homes.

Kinship care is a family home that is approved to care for a child in need because of a family connection or significant relationship to the child (e.g. grandparent, aunt, close family friend).

A foster child can be of any age or gender. Some children need longer term placements (especially teenagers) and others need short term placements.

Foster children may: 

  • have experienced abuse or neglect
  • be part of a sibling group that is to be kept intact
  • need assistance with keeping connections to their family, community, background and heritage
  • require help in preparing for adulthood

Foster children are like other children and require love, comfort, security and stability.

  • Contact Shannon, Program Supervisor at McMan.
  • Register and attend Orientation for Caregivers Training.
  • Once training is completed, McMan will schedule and conduct a Home Study.
  • Upon approval, you will be issued a foster home licence and assigned an Children's Services foster care caseworker who will provide ongoing support and training. 

You have complete control over which child(ren) is placed in your home.  We believe parents know best their strengths and limitations and know what type of child would best fit into their family.

Basic Maintenance Rate – This is a per diem based on the child’s age that covers the day-to-day costs of caring for a child. Basic maintenance rates are intended to cover the cost of food, clothing, personal care items and general household costs.

Skill Fees – This is intended to compensate foster parents for their level of expertise gained through training and experience.

Once you become a licensed foster parent, you are provided with ongoing training and support through Children's Services.

Foster parents are reimbursed for all training-related costs, including transportation, accommodation, meals and babysitting.

Supports are provided through Children's Services foster care caseworkers, other foster parents and the Alberta Foster and Kinship Association.

Supports include, but are not limited to, ongoing contacts and visits from the foster care caseworker and the child’s caseworker, training, resources for respite and child care, peer support, support groups, and recognition events.

Open your heart, open your home to a child in need!